Year in Review: 2018

Wow, what a year. My first year full-time of photography.

As I looked back on this year, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to meet so many people celebrating the good things in life. I photographed 24 weddings with 1 more to go + had over 65 sessions [(omg how did I do that?)] and I was so thankful that there are people here who love the real moments over seeking perfection, and chose to soak in all the moments that make a wedding day real - not perfect.

If I could summarize the fire that stirs deep within my heart for each of my couples, it would be:

I wanted my review to be beautiful images, but also focusing on the emotional elements. Every moment together evokes something - something unearths, something bursts, something reveals. I hope each one of these images evokes an emotion in you - from anticipation, thankfulness, joy, peace, exuberance, and so on. For me, each one of these photos mean something to me. In fact, when I was making this post, I started intertwining my laughing & crying while reviewing — that only made Joe real worried at my emotional wellbeing. It was funny, trust me. Anywho, each of these images expresses something beyond “the pretty”, so with that lack of perfection in mind, I am in love with my 2018 year of photography.

In terms of photography, some of the things I learned this year are:

  • I became way more experimental with double exposures and my tilt shift. I try to remember to do a double exposure at every session, and will do one at a wedding time permitting.

  • I switched to a tilt shift during a lot of the getting ready pictures to blur all the clutter. It’s also really beautiful during ceremonies (light permitting) and a few portraits!

  • I grew a lot in ‘harsh lighting’, because a good photographer ought to take beautiful photos at each hour of the day. For the harsh light, I am still learning what makes a good harsh light photo, but I really like minimal harsh light photos. I hope to learn how to make “softer” harsh light photos in 2019, but that may be strictly an editing thing, not a camera setting.

  • I decided to forgo lots of traditional poses for bridal party photos, because real laughing pictures look better in an album or wall. Also, the memories of those are waaay better.

  • Landscape photography + people in the landscape is amazing, but very difficult. I had a few travel sessions/elopements, and it took a while to figure out settings. Do I make my settings better to exposure for my subjects or location. I learned SO MUCH about this, and am very pleased! I can’t wait for 2019 to practice more!

I’ve been SO privileged to see families share the joy of growing love, covenants be made at the alter, & friends loving each other like family. I freaking love my job. This is the best.

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