Friedrich // Elegant Historic Home Wedding

Jenna & John >> MARRIED.

On a typical Texan afternoon of wild weather, Jenna & John celebrated their marriage at the Giddings Stone Mansion in Brenham, Texas. I love weddings held inside a house with all the unique details and the 'relaxed at home' vibe  - maybe I am biased because my wedding was in a historic home? 

Their wedding day started with partly cloudy skies at 75 degrees, and by the time of the outdoor reception, the temperature dropped to around 45 degrees with massive wind gusts. After the first dance outside, the wedding party helped moved tables and chairs inside for an impromptu indoor reception! We moved the speeches to the staircase, had dinner in the living room, and the dance party in the parlor! 

Most importantly, Jenna was one of the coolest brides ever. She was constantly smiling, helping others, and enjoying each moment as they came! On the drive to their reception site after her ceremony, Jenna stopped the car after we passed a gorgeous field in the middle of nowhere so we could take some extra Mr. and Mrs.'s photos! Also, Jenna's hair was inspired by the movie Tangled - how awesome! I love how John cherished his bride, twirling and embracing her throughout the day! Gorgeous wedding for amazing people!

Cheers to marriage << !