Ingrid & Josh // Yosemite National Park Engagement

Glacier Point at Sunrise. Make this a goal to witness in your life, seriously.

Our day started at 4AM driving up from my dads house to Glacier Point, smelling in the ash that lingers in the air from the Ferguson fire & singing oldies in the car. It was chiiiilly, probably hanging around 45 degrees or something, so Ingrid & Josh had a lot of dancing & cuddling to keep warm until the sun poured into the valley. Can I just say how insanely kind they are? They are the type of people who talk and make eye contact, not out of social obligation, but because they are genuinely interested in you as a human being. Yes, I felt 230492% lucky to be with them at my favorite place in the planet, Yosemite.

They hiked Half Dome the day before. Literally. I don’t know how they had the energy that early in the morning, but it just speaks to how joyful & motivated they are to enjoy every moment of life! When the sun finally made it’s appearance, we just stopped for a few moments to take in the beauty. It really is unlike anything else, watching the sun greet this insanely unique valley and warming up our skin. I showed them exactly where they hiked for the Half Dome hike, which was trippy, because that 17 mile hiked looked so small from our perspective. Halfway through, we stopped in the sun & I asked them to share why they are choosing to spend forever with each other. A crowd formed (probably thinking they were saying vows) and Ingrid began crying over their love for hamburgers! I knew right then that I wanted to be her friend forever.

One of my favorite moments was watching the light hit all the rock before the sunrise with this alpine blue/purple hue, and gradually watching it warm up to this goldish hue across the high sierras. It was breathtaking. You can get lost in the beauty in Yosemite.

This was my first time at Glacier Point at sunrise, and I hope it’s not my last. I hope to see sunset here as well! You’ll be seeing these two again for their wedding in the spring! ++