The Jacobus Family

Something beautiful happened during this session, like a sweet revelation. The Jacobus family, after several years of moving and remodeling, built their new home for their family to grow in. I walked into their youngest kids bedroom and noticed all the children books, stuffed animals, and the pink teepee in the corner. All these little details transform a house into a home - precious details for this time in a child's life.

I was reminded of what matters with a family, how quickly time will move, and how taking photographs can play a part in stopping time in order to memorize these sweet details a little bit longer. How an older brother can read a story to his sisters, how the girls can throw spontaneous dance parties, how the parents can selflessly love their children through running races and tickle fights. I find these smaller moments are the gifts that help build a solid foundation of love and grace, and I am thankful for the God of the universe giving us these marvelous gifts.

These are the moments I treasure, and I am so fortunate to be invited into these stories!