Miller // Stonecreek Hall Wedding

Oh glorious day; two high school sweethearts married on a warm summer evening. Paige & Kyle are the most down - to - earth people you can meet, completely humble & caring deeply about their friends and family. God's handiwork is written all over their relationship after faithfully dating for over 5 years, and how He richly blessed them with the gracious gift of becoming husband and wife!

We are huge fans of doing a First Look with all the intimate and emotional vibes; nothing beats that first moment. Upstairs in a corner with one little window to let the light shine, Kyle welled up as he saw his bride <-- what a moment. Hearing their hearts, sharing in this moment, it's hard for me not get a tad bit emotional during a first look. 

The wedding was quite large with around 250 people or more, but it felt so much more intimate. You could see the mark of love, His love in them, and how that has shaped the people around them. Love is real, and God is good, y'all.  

// People cared. People loved. People celebrated.  Cheers to you, Mr. & Mrs. Miller! xx