Austin Texas bridal portraits

Dreamy Laguna Gloria First Look.

Anyone ever heard of First Look Bridals before a wedding? It is really common in northern states, but it was my first time to do this in Texas. I was nervous about this session, but after a few moments, I realized how magnificent it was. First Look Bridal Portraits are before your wedding date, typically within a month or two. It has all the intimate and romantic vibes of an elopement, in which it truly is only about you two committing yourselves together, without the stressors of a traditional wedding day. Their wedding was a month later though, and it was a gorgeous family gathering full of beautiful toasts and laughter with their loved ones. Talk about best of both worlds!

Drew & Allison opted to do a first look about a month before their wedding, which so happened to be the most perfect-weather golden-light day in Texas ever! Seriously, the weather was around 75 degrees and the light was gold for at least an hour. I couldn't believe our luck, especially since it has been raining on weekends in Texas for months! They chose a first look beforehand instead of traditional bridal portraits, so that they can enjoy more time together, and then dedicate more time on their wedding day for their friends and family on their wedding day. It was brilliant! They were able to spend time together without the stress of meeting the timeline, mingling with guests, expectations of conversing with extended families.

They joked around a whole bunch, made out a lot, and were so relaxed. It was honestly so refreshing having time with a couple, to understand their body language, figure out their humor, and just have a ton of together. So often, wedding day portraits are a bunch of rushing around trying to accomplish a lot in a very small amount of time. I’d say the average time of Mr. & Mrs. portraits on a typical wedding day is 10 minutes. The most important day of peoples lives only gets a few moments together. It feels backwards, like the day should be more about the couple getting married, and not fitting to the needs of everyone around them. I truly think is a huge reason why so many brides tend to feel overwhelmed on their wedding day. But Drew & Allison made the best of both worlds - the elopement world where it is 100% about the two people getting married and the traditional wedding world where you get to have a big party with everyone you love - and it was an epic experience.

I highly recommend couples to do a First Look Bridal Session or an After Bridal Session - so if you are planning a grand event, schedule some time before or after your wedding to enjoy your spouse, alone, together, relaxed, and at peace. It would be an honor to help anyone with this process, so reach out if this would interest you!