after session

Karah & Jess: Moody & Romantic After Session

Karah and Jess are fearless. 

This is my first "After Wedding Bridal" session! Wohoo! An After Session happens once the wedding is over and you're already married. We get you back into your wedding dress, grab your spouse, and go capture some creative imagery! On your wedding day, you will likely want to have your dress in perfect condition, so an After Session gives you the chance to put on some cute boots, dress up with your honey, and have an adventurous romp through the woods or rivers or wherever your heart desires! 

Karah and Jess took their engagement photos with me on a stormy, autumn evening, and then were married in Florida in January. During their After Session, I saw them fall more in love as husband and wife - back in their wedding day attire, with a vibrant flower crown, and adventurous spirits. My soul was set on fire for this, and it was such a gift to witness them drawing nearer to each other as the evening continued to unfold.

The first half of the session was dancing and running through fields, feeding some horses, and kissing as the sun set. The later half of the session was done after the sun had set (whoa, scary) and it was such a challenge for focus and shadow play. Also, my husband helped me experiment with fog, and that was so moody and romantic. Joe describes this as the "Tim Burton" portion of the evening. I am in so in love with the entire session, and Karah and Jess had total trust in my creative process. That kind of fearlessness and trust spoke so loudly to me, and I love the results!

Basically, I want to adventure with you in your wedding dress with the love of your life.