family portraits

McDonalds family

A newborn family portrait session to start off 2019! We wanted to photograph them in their new home (that they just spent weeks painting) with their two year old boy and infant baby girl!

The way I love to photography families is simply letting them be who they are at home, and giving them space to do what they would do if I weren’t there. It’s the small moments — like the very specific toy that the child is currently obsessed with, or the things that the parents comment on (i.e. her toes are so tiny!) — those are the moments I love the most. As lovely as a smiling posed photo is to hang on a wall, I think the realness of the current life stage of the family is far more glorious, & ought to be celebrated.

I can’t wait to photograph more families in Colorado! It’ll be so fun to experience all the seasons and landscapes with little ones running around! xx