in home session

Breakfast at Billy's

Breakfast at Billy’s. I feel like that title would be an awesome song, or the hangout hub of a group of friends in a TV show.

I met Billy when I saw her home on Airbnb. I was looking for an awesome home in the Bryan, College Station area that would be good for elopements & shoots. Turns out, she loves hosting & events and was totally on board! So for the last year, we’ve been getting to know each other & creating pretty things together! In the fall, I went over to their home early on a Saturday morning to photograph what they would typically do on a weekend morning. Homemade blueberry muffins, coffee + cartoons, & playing around together. I love seeing the story aspect of this session - they actually do these things together on the weekends. These are memories preserved.

You’ll see that their son is playing with a toy can of tomato sauce, but he calls it his ‘coffee.’ He sips from his coffee with his dad, & I think little memories like that are absolutely worth it. Imagine looking back on photos like these 20 years from now and remembering at how vivid the imagination of a child is.

Their house is really awesome if you or anyone you know wants to have a house to stay in for a game day, a place to elope with a handful of guests, or do your bridal portraits/engagement portraits.

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