yosemite engagement

Nicole & Caleb // Yosemite National Park Elopement

what an absolute DREAM! I am still in awe.

I’ve known Caleb since 7th grade, back when he was on the football team & I was a cheerleader (haha!) We were in so many of the same classes, went to Sadie Hawkins together, and were all into athletics. I remember when he first told me about Nicole towards the end of High School, totally smitten by her intelligence, charm, and kindness. It was at prom when I got to meet Nicole for the first time, and I thought she was the total dream girl (yes, she still is!) and how I couldn’t wait to see how Caleb & Nicole could change the world through a radical and compassionate love.

They drove up to meet us for sunset at Taft Point, my first time at this part of the park! I’ve been to many places in Yosemite, but Taft Point was a goal of mine, and how fortunate we were to witness so much love & beauty here for this Yosemite elopement inspiration! The sun was beaming for a short while, and we goofed off all the way to the freaking edge of the valley. It was unbelievable how sharp this valley is - totally angular and rigid. I have never been terrified of heights, but when I got to the edge and looked over, my stomach dropped for miles. Other than that, my spirit was soaring!

The beauty of the high sierras - miles and miles of mountain ranges - was spectacular. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life for sure, and I hope everyone can experience Taft Point!

To many more years of joy for Nicole & Caleb - a dream come true!