Shannon + Joe's Bridal Portraits

Lately, Joe and I have been dreaming about diving into wedding photography and capturing tangible moments of love. We knew we needed to practice if we wanted to pursue this career, so we set forth to Marfa, TX to practice all sorts of photography. At the last minute, we thought if we brought our wedding attire, we could practice shots and camera settings on each other. This included buying flowers at flower shops on our eight hour drive to Marfa and waking up at 6am to make two flower crowns, enduring 50mph wind gusts at Prada, and trying not to rip my delicate dress on cacti everywhere we went. We loved capturing different angles at different times of the day, and we both agree that we learned quite a bit.

We both agree that at this stage, we would love to begin shooting engagement sessions and bridal portraits before or after your wedding date! We would love to collaborate with you as well! If not, we still enjoyed this sweet moment so early on in our marriage, and maybe we will continue taking more bridals on our travels?