Century tree co.

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Century Tree Co began in 2012 with the expressed purpose of offering low-cost DJ services to brides in the Brazos Valley. During his early years of college, Joe had always been the go-to guy to find out about new music among his friend group. When one of his friends got engaged and learned how much it cost to hire a professional,  Joe was asked to DJ the wedding for a fraction of the cost.

Soon after, Joe purchased professional equipment and began teaching himself how to use common DJ software. Joe continued to receive to wedding gigs solely based on word-of-mouth and referrals. After several months, he began reinvesting the money he earned at weddings to purchase better equipment, lights, and training.

During this time, Joe began developing his performance style and professional brand - which emphasized joyous celebration, crowd interaction, and an energetic spirit. This manifested itself during his live performances in the form of dazzling laser effects, thunderous sing-along choruses, and - of course - the confetti cannon climax.

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After multiple consultations with brides, Joe began to empathize with the many engaged couples he encountered who were legitimately stressed out at the costs associated with planning a wedding. The wedding industry is an unregulated market, which means there are no standards or measure for how much certain goods and services should cost. Therefore, the burden of the cost is almost always shouldered by the client - the bride and groom.

After Joe and Shannon were married, they began expanding Wedding House: Century Tree Productions to incorporate a refreshed vision of how to run their small wedding business - working together in photography and DJing to help foster a more personal experience for every bride and groom. They do this because they believe a wedding is a representation of Jesus's love for his bride, the Church. 

And because of that significance, Joe and Shannon approach each wedding with all the care and creativity of a personalized art project - with all the glory going toward Jesus Christ through the exultation of life and love.