There is no wrong way to do a wedding, but my hope would be that you choose a wedding that feels 100% like you, & that it is okay to do your wedding your way. Marriage is one of life's most amazing gifts, so shouldn't you start the first day of marriage exactly the way you want it in the place you want with the people you want?!
Eloping in Texas
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+++ Why would I really want to elope without family or friends?

Elopements/Intimate Weddings nowadays aren't usually just the two lovers running off. We would consider an elopement to be under 30 people in attendance, and an intimate wedding to be 50 people or under. Sooo bring the people you love most! Spoil them & have a stress free gathering of your loved ones! Your family & friends can still have an active roll to play, & it will likely bring you the most joy because the experience will be so personal!

+++ I'm interested, but how do I get my family on board?

Each family is different, but if you want them there, let them know that you want them to be on this journey to marriage with you! It will be significantly better for the budget, & they can all spend so much time with you on your wedding day. The most common complaint we hear is the parents being upset that they can't invite your extended family or 2nd grade teacher, so perhaps plan to have a casual reception after your wedding. You parents can plan that one too, since you are already married with your dream wedding! Let them still be a part of dress shopping, the engagement party, and make sure they feel loved above all else!

Have your family & friends play a roll in your wedding as well. They can marry you, play music as you walk down the aisle, draw your invitations, have them read letters of encouragements or prayers, etc. There are SO many ways to make your wedding 100% you & include the people you love most!

+++ Where is a good spot to have an elopement/intimate wedding?

I'd like to think there are two places for you to say I Do:

- Go to a place you two have always wanted to go together, but haven't yet been able to! Have an amazing new adventure while experiencing the excitement of a new place! Push your comfort zone & try something new! Get married at a place that leaves you in awe! 

- Go to a meaningful place for you two - the first time you said "I love you," or your first vacation together, or a place that has changed the way you see the world around you. Get married at the place that has meaning for you!

+++ a wedding that you have to travel to seems more expensive!

It may seem that way, but it typically isn't! There are Airbnb's that allow weddings, & a week with onsite lodging on the Northern California Coast, Tuscany Villa, Grecian Stone House, or Canadian Chalet is cheaper than 1 day at the average Texas wedding venue. The only catch would be the flights, but you don't have to travel to a new continent to have a new experience! The United States has some amazing locations with your vows & vacation for your closest people!

+++ how many hours do we book you?

I love the story-telling aspect of photography! The emotions, power of a commitment, and the "real moments" or "in-between" shots get me fired up, because those are truly organic. With that in mind, anywhere between 3-8 hours will serve you well! You will likely get roughly 75-100 images an hour.

+++ do you travel for sessions and/or weddings?

Yes! We would love to travel with you or to you to celebrate your love! Those prices are included in our United States & Destination Pricing, and if it is in Texas, we can chat about travel fees!

+++ do you make wedding albums of our photos?

Sadly not at this time, but I adore the quality of artifact uprising -- it's extremely practical + affordable!

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