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You’re ENgaged!

Wohoo! You are having your engagement session soon, and I am so excited to share this experience with you! I understand that some people may be terrified of being in front of the camera. Don’t worry, I love keeping things very natural, & I’m a little weird, so we can get super goofy.

To feel comfortable in front of the camera, it all begins with connection. So let's be friends, and if you don’t want to be friends and chat much, keep hugging your honey while I snap away! I want real connection for you two, and simply, I want you two to have fun, be genuine, fearless, and full of love. Get happy, get sexy, get goofy, get sappy, get whatever makes you two feel alive together.

I compiled some tips to help make our sessions comfortable and fun! Every couple is different. Whatever makes you feel crazy in love, let's do some of that. I want to capture those wildly in love embraces, intimate kisses, uncontrollable laughs, tickle fights, and everything in-between that makes you two who you are together.

The little moments matter. I won’t force poses on you or try to fit you into some mold, but I will adapt my instructions to guide you in a way & then let your natural body language do the rest! You are not here for me, but I am here for you - to document your love into tangible pieces of art to encourage you as you embark on the journey to marriage!

In Home Session - Century Tree Productions

Be comfortable

Don’t feel as if you need to be glamorous because this is a special occasion. Stick to clothing that feels like you, whether glamorous or cozy, and ideally in the same palette and similar styles of clothing. I have a whole guide on how to look and feel your best to help you out!

On the day of the shoot, let’s take it easy. It is hard to embrace the intimacy and joy if we are cramped into a shorter timeframe after a stressful day of errands and such. Grab food together, relax, take a shot, encourage each other, and then let that sweet mood fill you both up as we start our shoot!

What makes you feel loved and known by your fiancee?
What do you want to remember feeling in your photos 30 years from now?
— - the gal with the camera
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Be vulnerable

I highly believe in honesty and vulnerability in a session. I can only truly capture your true dynamic if you allow me into your space. I encourage you not to hide how the two of you interact when you’re alone. In fact, I want you to embrace the goofy laughter or the quiet & intimate moments. If you feel most loved with jokes, let's laugh. If you feel most loved with kisses, I'll give y'all that space to do so! My hope is that feel more loved after this session, and you know how to love your honey even better.

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The session isn’t all about location, or how gorgeous the backdrop is; it’s about shooting you two madly in love wherever that may be. The location, weather, setting can affect your mood, and the mood will reflect in your photos. Our location can be influential, so good places could be your {clean} living room, in a park or forest, by a misty lake, a coffee shop, a foggy mountain; it’s up to you! I am partial to traveling to a new location, because exploring a new place together is basically the definition of adventure.

For location, lighting is always key. It is so important to be in a place where I can find the light, and outdoors is usually always a safe bet! If you are neutral on a location, I will choose outdoors for you! All I need is great natural light to capture you two loving each other well; so either outdoors around sunrise or sunset. If you want to have a cozy indoor session, like in your living room or bedroom, we will just need big windows and/or lighter clothing colors. I love the moody vibes or the window light highlighting your skin with the shadows that the depth of the room provides.

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I want you to be you! It can be hard to commit to this with a camera in your space, but let’s play into that. If it makes you feel awkward, let's laugh about it and I will be extra goofy to hopefully put you more at ease. I'm here for you. Sometimes, the truest emotions come in the outtakes, the moment's that aren’t ‘traditional’ to photograph, but those are the moments I want you to remember. I want you to remember all your usual body language & facial expressions you make now when you are in your 50s or 80s. I want you to remember all the quirks in your spouse when you tell your kids about why you love your honey. These are photographs to preserve your relationship in its place, in it’s own time, so it’s super important for you to feel like yourself, and to let me know if you aren’t! If you aren’t, what are some ways you feel like you are in your own skin?

Seeing you glance at the other, butterflies-in-the-belly laughing, the safety of your loves' embrace, that’s my job. The objective isn’t just to take pretty pictures; it’s about your love, your heart, & sharing your story.

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Don't think of this as a photo shoot - think of it as a date (wohoo!)
Flirt with each other. Flirt with the camera. Even if it feels silly in the moment, at the very least it will give you something to focus on.

Keep moving! Your hand, your gaze, your smile, your posture... small things like this add variety and makes things feel more natural.

Soft kisses on the forehead, laughing, dancing, holding hands, whispers, etc... all breathe life into your photos. Go for it! I'll squeal behind the camera. Make jokes. Hold hands. Dance around. Don't over think it.

If we are walking a lot, bring a bag with comfortable shoes to change into, a hand towel in case you get sweaty, and maybe even mosquito repellent. We are in Texas, so it's bound it happen.