You deserve an incredible first day of marriage, your wedding day.

We will help you dream, plan, and execute your dream elopement with our photography and officiating services. We love weddings, but most importantly, we love marriages. We believe in the beauty of marriage - for it to be celebrated in an intimate way that is totally unique to you.

Imagine your wedding day as an emotional experience full of adventure, without the theatrics & perfectionism of a large scale wedding or stress of coordinating a large scale family reunion on your first day of marriage - yes, it's possible!

Bring your 30 closest people & get married in a place that means something to your heart, & let the experience bring all the vulnerable emotions & epic moments. Who cares about the big, expensive wedding if all that matters is you marrying your best friend with your closest loved ones around you?! 


Not sure a small wedding is for you?

Our desire is for your wedding day to feel more like you + a stunning ceremony & tablescape + your closest family & friends to cheer you on! When there isn't pressure to meet a strict timeline, to spend tens of thousands of dollars, to impress all your extended family members & friends, there is abundant time to enjoy celebrating being married in a more relaxed way. Did we mention that you will be saving thoooousands of dollars & be able to enjoy things you can't enjoy at larger weddings, like REAL conversations with each person celebrating you?


The Important Values for You: 
Meaningful vows, endearing conversations, quality time, stunning photography, a beautiful location, a stellar dinner party, saving money/spoiling your people, gorgeous design, + a personal officiant.  

The Important Values for Us:
Investing in your relationship, getting to know your closest people, creating a space for you to feel vulnerable & in awe, creating imagery & moments that gives you all the emotions.

If that sounds like you, having an intimate wedding or elopement sounds like the best plan! Still have questions? I got you covered!

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Driven by connection & human emotion, I will capture everything that you are feeling on the day you marry your honey. I will also help scout your ceremony location, give out lots of planning advice, recommend you to the best vendors, & be there by your side with tissue + a big fat joyful smile.


Joe is not only a DJ mastermind, but he is also ordained! He will marry you in a personal handcrafted speech, full of laughs & tears. Not only that, but we will bring 1-2 Bose speakers for the perfect playlist for your entire ceremony & dinner party.

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We love marriage & the journey together towards forever. Investing in the first day of your marriage is an amazing way to start forever, & celebrating at weddings is what we love to do! We want to invest in your relationship, by spending quality time getting to know how you are & what you are all about.

We have a specific Destination & United States pricing -- it's all-inclusive packages with travel included, so everything is totally easy & straightforward.


If you are dreaming up a more intimate wedding that celebrates marriage, let's get this conversation rolling!

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Our FAQ will help answer any questions you may still have! If you need some advice, want to get the conversation rolling, or are totally unsure about what to do, reach out to us and we will gladly help!