Your story is important - keeping it real is important for the first day of your marriage. Your marriage should be enjoyed in a manner comfortable for your love, so you can take a deep breath & soak in every sweet second. I think the connection, the intimacy, the slow & quiet moments of your wedding are more important than the perfection & glamour of your wedding. Imagine: a laid-back wedding day, without the stress of up keeping timelines or the extravagance of a large wedding, and a photographer that keeps things relaxed & still finds spaces for you to experience joy. I care deeply about you + your spouse, & my focus is to document all your beautiful moments.

My goal is to document the beauty of your humanity - your marriage, your loved ones, your vows, & everything else you find beautiful.

Century Tree Co. The Jefferson at Oxford Wedding, Romantic Burgundy-3.jpg
Century Tree Co at the Prospect House Winter Wedding

I am here for you to capture all the emotions; your uncontrollable laughs, the tears in your eyes, the gazes at at your partner from across the room - every beautiful moment you would adore. I see the real moments as the most important part of the wedding day - perfection isn't the point. It’s about enjoying each other. That's what I am here to do. I serve you by caring about your marriage, observing the people you love most, and providing a calm presence in all scenarios.

Experience what’s real on your wedding day.
Be in love.
Laugh and kiss. Be present.

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